Hey, I’m Darylle, a former dancer and studio owner, turned board game designer from Vancouver, Canada.

My journey has been anything but ordinary. Life was like a never-ending game of monopoly, trying to escape the past pains of poverty, to running a business 24/7. It left room for little else and felt like I was dealt cards against humanity. 

It took losing my mental and physical health  to finally realize that I have the power to take control of this game of life. I didn’t have a clue what to do, but I knew that it was time to take a risk. 

I did not immediately find my passion for board game design. We went through things that didn’t work out, we argued a lot about who was right and who was wrong. We even lost a bunch of money. 

Our first game was distributed worldwide and we had some big wins, but my mentality hadn’t changed. I was still in the mouse trap of unhappiness. This is where I decided to green light the mission: fun-first. 

If I’m going to make games, IT BETTER BE FUN! 

That’s when something shifted and work became play. 

I might not always know which chess piece to move, and I may have to reclimb a few ladders, but I realized that being bold  is one of the most important pieces to finding happiness. We really can’t win unless we play. 

If you’re anything like me, then these games are for you. These games have been the bridge to my confidence and happiness. Looking back years ago, I could have never guessed who I’d become today, and that’s why we should never be sorry about trying new things. 

Remember, “You’re the only one who can be responsible for your happiness.”