I’m Derek,

a web developer and designer, from Vancouver Canada. Before that, I bounced around alot between industries, from owning bars to co-founding a tech startup in matchmaking. I’ve kinda just been going with the flow. And it’s worked out for the most part. Life is a wonderful, calamity of experiences and stories.

I’m not naturally a board games person. I don’t have many friends that are. But I was brought into the fold when bonding one night with cousins. Now, I love discovering games around who I can play with, and the experience of introducing games to non-gamers, especially in a drinking environment. My modus operandi is to add new, easy, fun ways to spice up my otherwise run-of-the-mill gatherings.

I’m also a sucker for good satire. And try to celebrate all life, good and bad, with a laugh. The first game we made was about arguments.